How to Play


Each player builds their own 30 card deck and shuffles their deck before play begins. Players will start with 50 life points each. The player that drains their opponents life points to 0 or below wins. To begin each player will draw 7 cards and place two character cards face down in either attack (vertical) or defense (horizontal) position. Both players will flip their cards face up and the player with the highest attack card will start their turn.


Beginning of a Turn:

At the start of each turn the player will draw enough cards to have 7 cards in their hand. Once a player has 7 cards they have four options:

1.) Change cards that are already in play from attack to defense or defense to attack. Any card that changes position cannot be used in attack for that turn. 

2) Play cards from hand to field in either attack or defense. A card played in attack position may be used to attack the opponent.

3) End their turn.

4) Chose a card to attack with


Attacking Engaged:

A player begins an attack by selecting which card from their field they want to attack with. The defense can then choose which cards they want to defend with by selecting no cards, individual cards, or combining cards in defensive position to create a total defensive value. Total defense value is the combined defense value of all cards used in the defense of an attack. Once the attacking cards and defensive cards have been selected an advantage player is selected.


Advantage Player:

The advantage player is the player with higher attack or total defense value based on the cards in the attack. If the attack value is 10 and the total defense value is 6 the attacker would have the advantage. If the total defense value was 10 and the attacker was 6 the defense would have the advantage. The advantage player then has two decisions to make. 

* If there is no difference the attacker is the advantage player.

1st. Which skill challenge they want to compete in. The advantage player can choose any challenge involved in the attack or defense regardless if it is their card or not. 

2nd. The advantage player can then play advantage cards based on how big the difference is in their advantage.

-If there is no difference then no advantage cards can be played.

-A difference of 1-4 allows a maximum of one advantage card can be played.

- A difference of 5-10 allows a maximum of two advantage cards to be played

- A difference of 11 or more allows a maximum of three advantage cards to be played.


During and After the Attack

The skill challenge is played out based on the skill challenge rules displayed on the card and the advantage cards that have been played.

If the attacking player wins: Once the attacking player wins three things happen. First the defenders life points decrease by the difference between the attack and defense and the defensive cards that were involved move to the graveyard. Next the attacker can choose to continue their turn and attack again with the same character card. The final option is to end their turn by changing the position of a card.

If the defender wins: The attacker's card is moved to the graveyard and the attackers turn immediately ends without the ability to change position of cards. The defender will then begin their turn as the attacker. 

Any advantage cards that were played are moved the graveyard following any attack.


Direct Challenge

A direct challenge occurs when the defender either chooses not to use a card to defend with or does not have a character card in the defense position to defend with. If there is a direct attack the attacker is the advantage player, however they are not able to pick the challenge or play any advantage cards. The challenge will be the skill challenge on the direct attack card. If the attacker wins the defenders life points are drained by the entire attack value of the attacker. After the attacker wins their turn is over, however they are able to change the position of any card on their field before the turn ends. If the defender wins the attackers turn ends immediately and the defender becomes the attacker. The attack card is sent to the graveyard. 


How to Win:

The game ends when a players life points are at or below 0 or a player no longer has any character cards left to play.