For Coaches

Coaches Kit

If you are looking to bring in a new motivational tool or create an entire program around Legends of the Links our coaches kit makes it simple and organized to bring trading cards to your students. Use the coaches cards to have kids collect the trading cards through completing challenges. Coaches kits come with a stock of trading cards to distribute as well as each coaches card to quickly create world class clinics all from your binder.

How the Coaches Kit Works

Coach Card Front


Coaches cards are contain skill challenges for kids to complete, each skill challenge is an opportunity for players to collect their Legends of the Links trading card. Build clinics around the challenges or incorporate them into your lesson plans.

Coach Card Back


As juniors collect cards through the skill challenges they can then use the trading cards to train with on their own or incorporate them into lessons.

Trading Card


Once a junior has collected 30 cards they can then begin to duel other players. Dueling is the formal trading card game that competitors play on the driving range. For complete rules for the trading card game click the button below.

Duel Rules


The Coaches Kits includes a binder that will have each Coach’s Card and 10 of each Legends of the Links card included to make setup and distribution quick and organized.

10-25 Decks - $20.00/Deck

26-75 Decks - $15.00/Deck

76+ Decks - $13.50/Deck